Frequently Asked Questions

Why are pets so happy to visit the Animal Inn?

Think about how you feel visiting a favorite restaurant where there is entertainment. The smells of the farm entice dogs like a baking lasagna. The barks and greetings from fellow dogsentice involvement in the choir. Frankly it is fun!

Kitties are drawn into the Animal Inn ambiance as they are comfy, served and loved. How would you like a room where you are doted on with served meals, play times, brushing or massaging?

Why are pet owners so happy to bring their loved pets to the Animal Inn?

Safety, safety, pet enjoyment, safety, caring staff and safety. Did we mention safety? At the Animal Inn your pet is secure while you are away. We monitor daily eating, medications, eliminations and general health. We do not engage in large group play for reasons of safety. Dogs play in groups of no more than two in two secure play yards or walk our trails on leash. A dog in one play yard can interact with a buddy in the yard, but at the same time see, smell, bark and run the fence with two dogs in the adjoining play yard. This achieves socialization and play with safety. Within the kennel dogs can also see and interact while being in their separate runs. 

Kitties are also monitored closely. There is no fear that a kitty hiding from a pet sitter may not be observed for eating, eliminating or general health. We do our best to accommodate the athletic, the shy, the senior as well as the unsocial pet. 

Last but not least on this subject is the fact that the kennel is owned by veterinarian Michelle Loftus DVM and husband Kevin. Standards for care are high. Problems arising are met quickly with professional attention.

Why do my pets need their vaccines updated?

Pet safety and staff safety are our concerns. We entertain pets that have quite the social life. For that reason, keeping everyone current on their vaccines is the responsible thing to do. Rabies and distemper/parvo vaccines are due yearly until 2 years of age and then every three years for dogs.  

Bordetella is required every 6-12 months depending on exposure for dogs. Cats require yearly or every 3-year rabies vaccine depending on the vaccine used. Cats also require a distemper vaccine (FVRCP) yearly until 2 years of age and then every 3 years. Leukemia Virus Vaccine is recommended for outside kitties, but not required for boarding since kitties don’t come into contact with other kitties while boarding. What a sight that would be!


Dogs need updated Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella Vaccines for boarding. 

Cats need updated Rabies and Distemper(FVRCP) Vaccines for boarding. 

Birds need updated testing for polyoma, psittacosis and psittacine beak and feather virus. Conures also require negative pachecoes test.

Could my pet get sick even though they are vaccinated?

Yes. Whether exposure occurs at the kennel, the dog park, hiking or walking the streets of your neighborhood, a pet may become infected with viruses even though vaccinated. The course of the clinical signs is shorter and less severe with vaccines on board. Think of it like the flu vaccine. Other respiratory viruses show up occasionally as well. To minimize exposure or outbreak of any diseases, Dr. Loftus is very strict with the vaccine requirement, the kennel cleaning and disinfecting procedures and monitoring of guests. 

We may miss the 6:00 pm deadline to pick up our pet. What do we do?

No worries. You may pick up the next morning before 9:00 AM and there will be no charge for the extra day. We do offer after-hours pick up for an additional fee.

What can I bring for my pet?

Feel free to bring your pets bedding however we are happy to provide a cot and/or blankets. We recommend bringing a shirt you have worn but not laundered so it smells like you. You are also welcome to bring a favorites toy or two. Nothing like a good chew on your favorite toy before bedtime.

We feed a high-quality lamb/rice kibble for dogs and a chicken/rice kibble for kitties, which is included. If your pet has a sensitive tummy bring their own food and treats to avoid an upset. We can feed canned food, however we charge a nominal fee for feeding can food due to extra time, cleaning and recycling cans.

My pet requires daily medication. Is this a problem?

No worries. Our staff is trained to give oral, topical and injectable medications. We have many diabetic clients who visit us with their treatment schedule consistently kept. However we do not board any potentially contagious pets.

Do you recommend flea or tick products?

Animal Inn sits on a 30-acre farm with livestock and wildlife enjoying the pastures. We are sure there is a pesky critter potential so to be safe we recommend a safe flea/tick product for the dogs walking our trails during warm months. We can provide one if you would like. Our favored products are Advantage, Frontline and Revolution topicals and trifexis oral. Essential oil products are also a good choice when directions are followed closely.

Why does my dog drink a lot of water when she gets home?

Dogs have access to fresh water all day at the Inn. When dogs are excited they drink more water. Our excited pooches not only drink more at the Inn (like we do when traveling) but also when they return home. Sometimes dogs vomit if they drink water too fast. If you notice your dog drinking excessively once returning home, allow them to drink at 3 minute intervals for 30 60 seconds. This will allow their tummy to settle.

If your pooch continues to drink more water even after settling in at home, contact Dr. Loftus or your regular veterinarian.

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