Special Services

Please let us know what your pet needs to have a pleasant experience at the Animal Inn.


An optional service where your pet  may explore the great outdoors or enjoy an inside cuddle.

For dogs we have two fenced yards where your dog can play, romp or just hang out off -leash. Note we play with dogs alone or in a group of two in a yard next to another single or group of two. This provides safe fun play and socialization. If your dog likes a little adventure, a leashed walk may be more to their liking. We have walking trails throughout 30 acres with a mix of hills, woods and open spaces.

For cats brushing, cuddling, stretch time and toy play or an inside walk about are all available.

Please let us know if your pet would like play times and what type of playtime they would most appreciate, the choice is yours. We limit play times to just two dogs or less at a time and will pair your dog with a dog of similar size and temperament. We do this for individualized attention and safety.

Play time sessions are 10 – 15 minutes, are $6 for each session and available up to 6 times per day.

Need to leave the island for the day for a trip to the mainland? Do you have lots of errands to run and not sure when you will be home? Is home construction during the day scary for your pet?Are you an island visitor, traveling with your pet and scheduled a wildlife cruise or kayak excursion? If so, Animal Inn and Wellness Daycare is just what you need.
Daycare is designed to give your pet a day of fun 8AM to 6PM or only a few hours. All the benefits of an extended stay and includes two extended play times, lasting up to 30 minutes each. We emphasize fun and safety. Note we play with dogs alone or in a group of two in a yard next to another yard with a single or group of two. This provides safe fun play and socialization. We do not engage in the big group play as it makes Dr. Michelle a little crazy worrying about everyone getting along. Yes, that big group of romping dogs looks like fun but if one dog has a bad day someone gets bit .We don’t like that so we just romp in small groups.
Would you like your pet to be squeaky clean when you take them home? We offer baths and nail trims, so let us do the dirty work. We can offer referrals for full service grooming.

The senior, athletic or well spoiled pet enjoys having massage. Dr. Michelle enjoys providing pets this luxury. Beside increasing circulation to muscles and other soft tissues, massage can help identify health issues. Pets enjoy the experience with treats if you choose.

30 Minutes/$50


Dr. Michelle’s acupuncture sessions include massage, low energy photon therapy (cold laser) and acupuncture. Acupuncture may be achieved with the cold laser and/or needles depending on your pet.

First 60 min session   $150
Follow-up 60 min sessions  $75


Vaccinations may be provided by Dr. Michelle. Ask  for prices. Some vaccines require a brief exam.

Exams & Healthcare

Exams, blood and urine analysis and fecal tests are available at the Animal Inn. Dr Michelle provides treatment for most needs. However, if radiographs or anesthesia are needed, Dr. Michelle will refer you to Fidalgo Animal Hospital in Anacortes or to one of the two veterinary hospitals on San Juan Island.

Pick-up & Delivery Services

We are glad to pick up your pet from Friday Harbor, the Airport or Roche Harbor.

One way $25

Round trip $40

Bedtime Stories & Songs

Free and glad to do it!

My Golden Retriever, Tangles, loves going to the Animal Inn. She’s been staying there on occasion for over 11 years. Once we get there she can’t wait to get out of the car; then she can’t wait to get into the office; then she can’t wait to get back to see what friends are there for her to visit with. They take very good care of her. I like that she can be inside or outside during the day and that they will take her out for additional exercise if I set it up that way, which I always do. It’s comforting that Michelle is a veterinarian so that Tangles can get check-ups when needed, and just in case. They will also give Tangles a bath so she’s nice and clean and smells good when I pick her up. I think their rates are reasonable too!

– Steve Buck, Friday Harbor, WA

Animal Inn & Wellness Center

25 Boyce Rd, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, WA

Monday through Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am - noon and 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Sunday: 8:00 am - 9:00 am and 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
After Hours Emergency: 360-378-4738